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Re: [IP] Pizza

> The pizza may be going in fast now or the 10g didn't work and she is
> rebounding.  Any Ideas??
> It is 2:30 am  I'll tell you what happened the rest of the night in
> the morning.

There are two things contributing to her bg rise here. I won't guess 
on the weight/insulin ratio, you'll have to figure that out, but is 
suspect it's a little low.

the square wave needs to be spread over a longer time frame. the two 
factors are the slow digestion of pizza because of all the fat as 
well as the conversion of the protein (cheese) into carbs late in the 
digestion cycle. AND..... when little ones eat a ton of stuff, their 
digestive system overloads and rather than digesting everything all 
at once as it would for a moderate meal, simply processes as much as 
it can at the time and does the rest later .... effectively, there is 
a maximum rate at which the system can convert food into stuff the 
body uses. If there is a hugh load, it takes longer since only so 
many "units" per hour can be processed.

This comes back around to the square wave bolus again. Next time try 
3 - 4 hours. You can probably make a good guess by looking at her bg 
rise and ending the bolus about an hour before it starts to ramp 
down. You must also adjust the bolus upwards by at least half of the 
extra insulin she needed (excluding the 10 grams of course).

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