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>1.  as you know with Disetronic you get two pumps--with the second pump do
> you put the batteries in it so your ready if you need it?
> 2.  If so do you program your basals in the second pump?
> 3. When do you change your cartridge?  a) when your run completely dry,
> if so do you carry with you the extra cartridge so you can change it
> ever you are?  or b) do you just do the change at a convenient time and
> waste a bit of insulin?
> 4. How do you handle high fat or protein meals?  I hear of some doing a
> increase in basals for a couple of hours-- But with the Disetronic the
> increase is for 12 hours---is this correct?<

I've used the Disetronic for several years so I'll give your questions a

1. I put the batteries in the 2nd pump directly from the 1st when I change
pumps which is about every six months.  I keep a log of my basals and put
them in the pump after I put the batteries in.

2.  see #1

3. I change the cartridge in the morning when I have less than a days
supply of insulin left.  Occaisionally, I will change it later in the day
if it will be convenient.  I don't let it run dry since schedules and
carrying stuff around, etc. make it an illogical process.

4.  I did not know the Dis did a 12 hour increase.  The lack of a temp
basal is the only disadvantage of a Dis.  I handle a high fat meal or big
steak with an extra bolus about two hours later, and if I wake up during
the night an extra unit then as well.  It is more of an art than a science.

Hope this info helps.

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