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[IP] CAUSE?????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had my first real site problem today.  I would like your option as to what 
could have caused it so I can avoid the problem in the future.  

My bs was ok when I go up this morning 6:45am.  I showered and changed the 
site and then had brkfst.  My bs two hours later was 296. I bolused an 
adjustment and waited.  It made no sense.  I had 45 carbs with a 20-1 ratio 
and bolused accordingly.  I had remembered that I did not feel comfortable 
when filling the resv. earlier.  I took out 160 units when there were about 
200 units left in the vial.  It had more bubbles than usual which were harder 
to get rid of this time. I also considered that perhaps the insulin was not 
good because it was so little in the vial for a few days.   While     I
waited for my bs to go down, I opened the pump and noticed a large bubble 
around the size of a pea in the resv.  I disconnected, removed the resv., got 
rid of the bubble,  pushed on the end of the resv. until I saw a drop, put 
the resv. back, primed 5.0 units and reconnected.  Now twenty minutes after 
the 296 Bs, my bs was 280.  I waited an hour and a half and my Bs was 246.  
Two hours had passed inbetween the 296 and the 246.  I removed everything and 
threw it away and started over.  I noticed that when I removed the canular, 
it did not have any blood on it but a heavy spurt of blood came out after it. 
 I then bolused an adjustment for the 246 and am waiting for the bs to come 

Perhaps the remaining 200 units which I drew 160 U from was not that stable?  
Perhaps all the insulin was pooled in the blood under it but not visible to 

I would appreciate any help you could give me with this.

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