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Re: [IP] Optimism re diabetes

Renee, that should be encouraging news for all of the younger diabetics!!
Also somewhat relevant was the story from Lee rgarding Michell McGann.
Another young sports figure most have not yet heard about is Jason Johnson,
a 21 year old pitcher on the Baltimore Orioles.  He is one of their most
promising young prospects (and lord knows they need promising prospects
this year :-).   He is has been  insulin dependent for 9 years, and is
currently treating it with multiple injections.  He tests 6 or more times a
day.  I've contracted him about the benefits of a pump, especially for
someone in a sport where games can go on and on.  Also told him about this
list.   If he really starts to pitch as good as the papers say he could be,
he will be another great role model for diabetic kids.  Even more so if we
can get him on the pump *S*.
P.S.  You can write him or ask questions, c/o The Baltimore Orioles, 333
Camden St., Baltimore, MD 21201

<<<<<<<<     I recently attended the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation's annual
meeting in
San Francisco. I was delighted to hear an Australian researcher, Dr. Mark
Cooper, wax enthusiastically about the phenomenal improvements ACE inhibitors
have made in the lives of diabetics, not only decreasing protein in those who
were "shedding it" ( like my daughter with her "leaky kidneys"), but also
reducing potential complications in other problematic areas like the eyes.
Not surprisingly, a participant rose & asked why they didn't then prescribe
ACE inhibitors for ALL diabetics? His cogent, logical answer: because ONLY
30-40% of all diabetics WILL get these complications, which conversely means
60-70% would be taking the medication needlessly.
Regards, Renee ( Melissa's often embarrassing pump-mom coach)>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<From: Lee Lockwood <email @ redacted>
To: LEE <email @ redacted>
Battling diabetes, McGann is on course
By Joe Burris, Globe Staff, 08/05/99
SUTTON - You see the power and fluidity in her swing, how the ball
soars off the tee when she attacks it, and you know it is just a
matter of time. You probably haven't heard much about Michelle McGann in
recent months; battles with diabetes have hampered her golf game and put
her confidence in a sand trap.>>>>>>>>>>

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