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RE: [IP] Amy's dumb basals:-)

Hi Amy,

As you know I've only been pumping a week longer than you so I can only
offer my limited observations. The numbers you show really are not a lot
different from what I was seeing until my last tweak on basals last week -
they are just a tiny bit higher. They don't seem too high to me, in fact
when I was at the same point in setting basals as you, my Endo told me I was
doing OK. It looks as though the bolus was just a tad short for your dinner
- I'm always doing that! When I think about your BS numbers you have posted
here and on chat before - serious lows and highs, I would say that you are
well on your way to getting under control. One thing my Endo told me, was to
get basals really straightened out before doing any serious exercise, 2 mile
walks may or may not fit into that category, but it may be worth

I have realised that record keeping is the trick here, once I had several
days of data showing me consistent trends up or down, this gave the
confidence that the basal changes I made were correct.

Keep up the good work........


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		<<< Well, I figured not much I could do without doing a
basal check, so I
		did one last night, yet not too sure where to go now b/c it
		whatever I think is right is always wrong, so if you have
any ideas,
		please tell me! >>>
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