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Re: [IP] Going back to Work

I remember going back to work again in Jan after starting on the pump a
month before...I was very worried.  Mostly I was stressed about not being
able to test when I wanted to.  Sometimes I would feel low and not know if I
was low or just dropping down to normal range from too high.  At first it
will  be difficult, but you will get used to it and maybe you could even ask
your boss if there is a safe place where you can keep your testing stuff and
just sneak off to a bathroom or break room if you need to test.  My biggest
problem was remembering to put the pump in my pocket every day instead of
just clipping it on- employees were not allowed to wear "pagers" on the
sales floor.  good luck to you.


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Date: Thursday, August 05, 1999 1:38 AM
Subject: [IP] Going back to Work

>  I have not worked in over a year and a half, after becoming pregnant, my
>husband and I decided that I should quit my job (happily).  Now my son will
>be turning one and we have decided I should return to work part time.  I
>never worked with a pump before, I was just curious if anyone else had a
>of returning to work after being put on the pump.  I guess I have just had
>much control over when I test and eat because I have not had a specific
>schedule to follow.  Maybe I am just scared to return to work, I hate
>to deal with cash, and any job I get will be in the retail field.  Work
>to stress me out so much because when my BG drops I can't count.  I was
>always afraid my drawer would be off and my employers would think I was
>stealing.  Sound pretty paranoid don't I?  I though the prozac would help
>with that LOL!  Any way, if anyone has any positive advice or suggestions
>please fill me in.
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