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[IP] Amy's dumb basals:-)

hi all!
 Well, I figured not much I could do without doing a basal check, so I
did one last night, yet not too sure where to go now b/c it seems
whatever I think is right is always wrong, so if you have any ideas,
please tell me! 
 Dinner..5:30, bg then, 104
 bg 8:30 pm-- 187
    9:45--    170
    11pm--    157
    1:30am--  159
    3:30am--  153
    4:30am--  139
    5:30am--  129
    7:50am--  112
    10 am--    97
    11 am--   117
 I haven't eaten since that 5:30 pm yesterday, and no boluses, except
.1 for what I missed in the shower. Right now my basals are so
simplistic (and wrong) it's not funny, they are at .5 all day with no
changes, so as the little swings show in my night bg, they need some
tweaking. I personally think that 3:30 am and before my readings were
too high. I just included this ams also b/c I didn't eat breakfast,
bolus or anything. But there is another curve ball, last night i
skipped my 2 mile walk so I could get my basic basals settled, and I
never could figure out how to handle exercise, even with temp. basals.
I would start off high at 7:30 pm, then be low by 8:30 , with the walk
in between 7:45-8:15.  I'm thinking I need to change my night basals
early night, but not sure what to do or where to start, any
suggestions? I'm all ears!

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