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Re: [IP] Optimism re diabetes


> Once I finally accepted my IDD, life became easier and I became happier.

Very true for me too.

> One of the problems with IDD is that we CAN hide it.

Well said!  I agree 100%

>   I think
> a lot of us who have diseases that do not show physically waste alot of time
> trying to hide our diseases.  I am not speaking for everyone, but I know this
> was true in my case.

Me too, until I was about 24.  Now being on the pump for my 2nd time I buy cloths
that I like and find a place for the pump.  Yesterday I had this dress on, that I
love.  The pump was in the pocket and the dress buttons up the front so tubing
was hanging out from the middle of the dress to the pocket.  I just don't care
anymore.  I figure if people want to ask they can.  The people that know me
started calling me Borg, I like the borgs.  :-)  At my job, the first thing I do
when I get in, is pull out my meter stuff from my purse and put it on the corner
of my desk.  Again if people want to ask great otherwise no big deal, but it's
easy for me to get at and test my blood.  I refuse to hide and I don't anymore
and haven't for a while.  It's just so much easier and happier that way.

The first time I was on a pump about 15 years ago.  I was nice and thin.  I would
go to the beach with my nice bod and wear that bikini.  I had matching belt and
would strap the pump around me and then disconnect ( had too back then ) to go in
the water.  I swear my pump was bigger than that bathing suit, which I always
laugh about, now my bathing suit is about 20 times the size of the pump, hide
that fat.  LOL.  I truly believe that no one even noticed the pump back then.

> Just my opinion.

Me too!

Thanks Ellen,

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