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Re: [IP] Optimism re diabetes

Carrie,  Awesome!  You are wise beyond your 21 years.  I wish I had had your 
wisdom at 21.  Unfortunately, mine did not come until later.     
Once I finally accepted my IDD, life became easier and I became happier.
One of the problems with IDD is that we CAN hide it.  I have a brother who 
uses crutches and wears braces on his legs since age 2.  He has HAD to be 
open and deal with his condition and has done so exceptionally well.  I think 
a lot of us who have diseases that do not show physically waste alot of time 
trying to hide our diseases.  I am not speaking for everyone, but I know this 
was true in my case.  In a way, the visibility of the pump might help young 
people deal more openly with their disease...and deal with it sooner too.  
Just my opinion.  ellen
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