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Re: [IP] nutrition labels in Canada

I just looked in my cupboard, and crackers, canned goods, and most of
what I have does have the nutritional breakdown on it, although there
are quite a few products that don't.  I guess that is because we started
carb counting, we tend to buy just the products that have the
information on them.

I know in bakeries, both private and those in grocery stores, I have yet
to see nutritional values on labels.  I have over the past few months
made a few phone calls to 1-800#'s for nutritional information.  The
phone # is printed on the packaging, but not the breakdown.  They are
always very helpful on the phone.

So, I guess it is not a law to breakdown the nutritional values,
although I do believe everything does have a list of ingredients.  I
have noticed that more and more products are starting to show
nutritional breakdowns on their labels.  More than in the past.

Barb...Erica's mom....in Nova Scotia...who is still missing her camping
pumper :)

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