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Re: [IP] Optimism re diabetes

Wayne, Gianna et al:
     I recently attended the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation's annual meeting in 
San Francisco. I was delighted to hear an Australian researcher, Dr. Mark 
Cooper, wax enthusiastically about the phenomenal improvements ACE inhibitors 
have made in the lives of diabetics, not only decreasing protein in those who 
were "shedding it" ( like my daughter with her "leaky kidneys"), but also 
reducing potential complications in other problematic areas like the eyes. 
Not surprisingly, a participant rose & asked why they didn't then prescribe 
ACE inhibitors for ALL diabetics? His cogent, logical answer: because ONLY 
30-40% of all diabetics WILL get these complications, which conversely means 
60-70% would be taking the medication needlessly. The beauty of this 
medication though is that AS SOON AS a problem is detected ( assuming doctors 
are doing annual urine screenings) the medication can be begun, long before a 
patient "presents" at a nephrologist's office with partial kidney failure. 
Melissa's 24 hr urine collection showed an alarmingly high level of protein 2 
years ago...9 months later, it had declined 80%.....and more importantly, 
when it was rechecked this spring, it was the same!....Gee, I'm really 
surprised you  didn't all hear me shreiking ( according to Melissa, I was 
sooooooo embarrassing that day! LOL).....
    I leave you all with a great quote I heard at a pump support meeting last 
night. Referring to a local politician who's a known exercise fanatic, the 
speaker said " He doesn't exercise to add YEARS to his LIFE, he exercises to 
add LIFE to his YEARS!" Equally applicable to every one of you who lives with 
diabetes, and "goes the distance" daily to enhance the quality of LIFE! 

Regards, Renee ( Melissa's often embarrassing pump-mom coach)
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