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Re: [IP] Optimism re diabetes

Gianna, There is no reason not to be optimistic, if you take care of
yourself and have good control.   It is clear that that will greatly
minimize your chances of  getting complications.  No one argues about that.
But there are always lesser effects from genetic and other factors that
enter in.  An analogy to consider is that of smoking cigarettes.  If you
don't smoke, your chance of getting lung cancer is over 90% smaller than
one who does smoke.  Nobody but tobacco lawyers dispute that fact.   Yet, I
had a colleague who never smoked a cigarette in her life recently die of
lung cancer, and I just read an article about some old geezer who just died
of old age at age 110, smoking every day for the past 80 years.  You can
take the best care of your diabetes and still get complications or run over
by a car, and you can be sloppy and not suffer any problems.   But just
like you wouldn't worry too much about getting lung cancer if you don't
smoke, you shouldn't worry too much about complications if you take care of
your diabetes.  And a pump is really the only way to go.
	There's been some discussion about the "stages" of diabetes on this
list, but I wouldn't pay much attention to that.  The ones with the
complications tend to talk the most.  Nothing wrong with that, but for
everyone with complications there are dozens without.  There are even docs
who categorically claim that ALL diabetics get changes in the blood vessels
in their eyes after 20 or so years.   I've had diabetes for 41 years, and
would bet my pump that none of those hallucinating docs could find anything
abnormal in my eyes or kidneys.   With a pump, doing crazy things in
college should be lots easier and safer than when i was there making
believe I was learning things *S*

>Dear Jasmine, Hi! I am 17 and was just diagnosed 3 months ago.  I am
>starting my process of getting a pump tomorow!!  Right now I have really
>good control and know I am doing the best I can but I also have the same
>problem as you! I keep hearing people saying about how well they take care
>of themselves and yet still suffer severe complications.  Therefore I also
>get sort of depressed about this sometimes . . .so if you want to talk to
>me, please email me or post here!  --Gianna   P.S. if you have any
>suggestions about going to college and dealing with diabetes, please tell
>me!  (Any one else can answer this one too!!)

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