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[IP] Pizza

Ok, we went to pizza.  Emily (7) ate 4 pieces each was weighed on an good
scale (+/-0.1 oz} and bolused for individually using 0.28 as the carbo
factor and 25g per unit.  The last piece was square waved for 2 hrs.  At 2
hrs post meal she was 94mg/dl.  At 1/2 hr later she was 84.  Fearful of a
continuing decline because of slow digestion she ate 10g.  1 hrs later she
was 159, great.  Later-- 267 added a bolus 0.6 to get her down to 150 and an
hour later she is at 367.  Another bolus of 1.0 units.  1.0U/190pts is her
ratio--- I think.

The pizza may be going in fast now or the 10g didn't work and she is
rebounding.  Any Ideas??

It is 2:30 am  I'll tell you what happened the rest of the night in the

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