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Re: [IP] They say it comes in 3's

Gary -

You're right.  I've had diabetes - type 1 for 35 years, have glaucoma (not
related to diabetes, just hereditary) and recently found I also have
parkinsons.  My next door neighbor has had rheumatoid arthritis since third
grade - she just turned 50 - and also has tried (and it works!) giving up
the medicine for it.  Write to her, becuase I don't know enough to fill you
in - her address is email @ redacted  She knows LOTS!
Good luck!      Jane
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Date: Wednesday, August 04, 1999 10:37 AM
Subject: [IP] They say it comes in 3's

>Good Morning,
>I guess 2 diseases are not enough so why not a third. I just got dxd
>with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have been having severe problems with
>almost every joint in my body the past few months, and after they ruled
>out any DM cause the sent me to the Rheumatoid doc, who did a bunch of
>test and said yep this is Rheumatoid. Anyway I am at a impasse with the
>doctor because I will not take NSADS or prednizone (spelling?). I have
>taken prednizone before for CF and it does nasty things to me and messes
>up my BG control and NSADS are out of the question because of all the GI
>damage I have. So does anyone on the list have Rheumatoid and take a
>alternate type of meds form there doctor?. The pain is pretty bad and is
>on it's way to worse and worse but the above drugs to me are at least at
>this point are worse. It is always my decision with the doctors and
>right now they are all having a fun feast comparing the importance of
>each of there specialties and who should reign as supreme decision maker
>because there disease is more important. My GP and I are just waiting
>for the smoke to clear then he looks at me and says what do you want to
>do.. I don't know is not an option :0). Any help or ideas are welcome.
>Take Care
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