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[IP] Going back to Work

  I have not worked in over a year and a half, after becoming pregnant, my 
husband and I decided that I should quit my job (happily).  Now my son will 
be turning one and we have decided I should return to work part time.  I have 
never worked with a pump before, I was just curious if anyone else had a fear 
of returning to work after being put on the pump.  I guess I have just had so 
much control over when I test and eat because I have not had a specific 
schedule to follow.  Maybe I am just scared to return to work, I hate having 
to deal with cash, and any job I get will be in the retail field.  Work used 
to stress me out so much because when my BG drops I can't count.  I was 
always afraid my drawer would be off and my employers would think I was 
stealing.  Sound pretty paranoid don't I?  I though the prozac would help 
with that LOL!  Any way, if anyone has any positive advice or suggestions 
please fill me in.
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