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Re: [IP] Disetronic Questions

Bill wrote:

>1.  as you know with Disetronic you get two pumps--with the second pump do
>you put the batteries in it so your ready if you need it?
>2.  If so do you program your basals in the second pump?

Only put the batteries in the "backup" pump when you switch over to it. 
I'll put batteries in it temporarily, program the basals, then take the 
batteries out. The pump will remember the basals while it's in storage. 
This way, switching pumps only takes a minute or so (as long as my basals 
are still the same). If you leave the batteries in the second pump, the 
clock continues to run, which is what determines how much time remains 
until the mandatory inspection (30 months of "total battery use time", each 
pump). No sense running the clock when the pump isn't being used :-)

>3. When do you change your cartridge?  a) when your run completely dry, and
>if so do you carry with you the extra cartridge so you can change it where
>ever you are?  or b) do you just do the change at a convenient time and
>waste a bit of insulin?

I've done both - I tend toward changing at a convenient time, though I may 
"waste" a bit of insulin. If I fuss a bit, I can generally plan things so 
I'm home when it's time to switch. In extreme hot weather like we've been 
having in the Northeast lately, I'll often use 1/2 cartridges (150 units) - 
this reduces the time the insulin is exposed to extreme heat. Works for me, 
many others don't worry about it and always use full cartridges (315 units).

If I know I'm likely to run out of insulin when away from the house, I'll 
carry a spare cartridge with me, swap it in when needed. I've grown a lot 
more relaxed about this over the past couple years though - I prefer 
changing in the comfort of home.

>4. How do you handle high fat or protein meals?  I hear of some doing a temp
>increase in basals for a couple of hours-- But with the Disetronic the only
>increase is for 12 hours---is this correct?

I don't do a lot of extra planning for high fat / protein meals, since I 
don't eat that way. If I do "splurge", my BG might climb up later, and I 
bolus to bring it down. Other times it doesn't climb, so I needn't worry.

You can do a temp increase for whatever length of time you desire - 12 
hours is the maximum, after which the pump returns to it's "normal" basal 
rate (it alarms first, to let you know the temp basal rate has expired). 
I'll often do temp increases for an hour or two, depending on my activity 
level (or lack of activity). With the Disetronic, you need to remember to 
stop the temp increase / decrease if you're not going for the full 4 or 12 
hours - you don't set a specific time period for the basal change as you do 
with the MiniMed.

Temp decreases can be programmed for up to 4 hours max, after which time 
the pump will alarm (alarm 11), and it returns to normal basal rate. I do 
this all the time for exercise - works great.

Keep asking questions, it will become second nature soon enough :-)

Bob Burnett

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