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Re: [IP] Disetronic Questions

>I do have some questions:
>1.  as you know with Disetronic you get two pumps--with the second pump do
>you put the batteries in it so your ready if you need it?

No...don't leave batteries in it, it will allow the clock to count down
toward the two-year factory check point. We did put the batteries in and set
basals and check the 2nd pump out, but don't leave the batteries in when
you're not using for a lengthy period.

>2.  If so do you program your basals in the second pump?

>3. When do you change your cartridge?  a) when your run completely dry, and
>if so do you carry with you the extra cartridge so you can change it where
>ever you are?  or b) do you just do the change at a convenient time and
>waste a bit of insulin?

We've done both....just cap the filled syringe to prevent leaking and store
in fridge (or not) depending on how long til you'll be using it.

>4. How do you handle high fat or protein meals?  I hear of some doing a
>increase in basals for a couple of hours-- But with the Disetronic the only
>increase is for 12 hours---is this correct?

you can do a temp increase and then turn it off when you need...we've found
it easier to give 2nd and even 3rd partial boluses 1 hr and 2hrs after the
meal, when needed

Good luck!
Betsy, mom of 10 yo Stephanie, pumping with a Disetronic since 3/98

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