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Re: [IP] basal problems since camp, parents

Hi Amy.  Right now my numbers are really good-- 80's to 120's sometimes a 
little higher but VERY consistent. I am very worried that when I get a pump 
I will be all over the place and feel awful.  ???? help! Are the types of 
problems you're having common?  --Gianna

>From: amy m <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] basal problems since camp, parents
>Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 07:17:00 -0700 (PDT)
>  My bg haven't been perfect since the pump, but they were better BEFORE
>I went to camp, I was having night lows then, but the lows don't scare
>me as much as the highs. Before camp my cde told me she was surprised
>how little my insulin doses were (basals of .4 and .5, .3 too, total
>daily doses of 20-30units). At camp I had to up all of my basals by .2,
>so they were between .5 and .7, and I think b/c of my snacks they made
>us eat, and the high carb meals, my daily dose skyrocketed, at camp it
>was between 50-60 units a day, more than on shots!
>  Now things are sort of settling down being home from camp, my basals
>are back to .4 and .5, but it's no longer doing the trick!!! 2 hr after
>dinner I will go up to 200 (i am using carb counting) then I will go on
>a 2 mile brisk walk, lowering my basal to .3 for an hour or two, and go
>low, well that was the first few days back. Yesterday i had afternoon
>lows so my pump was off for a while. I also only checked bg 6 times
>yesterday..and my numbers were so ugly:-(  (Robin, trust me, that
>Straight A report card is sooo much easier to obtain!)
>  At camp I would wake up in the am with a 180 or so, high for me, but
>they didn't want lows, and i'd already upped my basals, and my boluses
>were twice as big, I figured fine wait til I get home. Last night I did
>my walk, cut the basal down for 2 hours, then was 67 at 10pm, I didn't
>do anything about the low until 10:30, I ate a pbj sandwich and bolused
>2.7 for it, instead of 3, and at 11pm I was 187 (i didn't believe it,
>so i rechecked ... 193) To me that seemed like a big jump, and right
>now my basals are still HIGHER than precamp, I have no .3s anymore. I
>was 168 at 3am, then 182 at 8:30am. my mornings had always been good, I
>would wake up between 70 and 90 (my cde and mom both thought that was a
>little low, but it would always go up a tad naturally) I don't eat
>breakfast now that I'm pumping, so I'm comfortable with the mornings,
>but lately everything has been changing! I don't understand the highs
>I'm having in the morning now. Someone asked...I'm 15, I do have that
>time of the month, but I never make changes before hand b/c sometimes
>it's 3 months late, and this time I know it is NOT the prob, it was 2
>weeks ago. But I just don't know anymore!
>  My mom (ahhh) hated the night lows, I'm a junior in hs next year and
>she is already nagging me about how the hech will you ever go away to
>college, I don't think she likes the pump, at least not yet--I like it,
>but I am so much happier with 90-120 (b4 camp) then the higher numbers
>now. And I hate NEVER knowing if it's a site prob or not. Yesterday at
>3 am i was 185, my mom decided not to have me bolus (i talked to her
>about that later (when i was awake:-)) and i woke up at 272, I figured
>it was the site so I changed it, and I came down so fast. This morning
>from the 182, at 10 I was only 152.  My daily doses now are about 30
>units a day.
>  It was nice not to check bg much yesterday, but the b4 meals were
>terrible numbers! And then at night I got into it with my mom b/c I
>wanted to eat a snack (b4 i my meter told me my bg) so stress there, I
>hate being told about weight and such..I am compared to my twin tooo
>much to like it! I lost ten pounds my first two weeks on teh pump, the
>endo and cde said to gain it back (i'm 5'6 and now 115), but at home I
>swear everyone is telling me to watch what i eat and not to gain. I
>wish my family would get off my back, i mean my mom was there when I
>was told to GAIN weight, not not do that, and the whole point of the
>pump is to eat when you're hungry..which i am always at night! I've cut
>down, 2 meals and 1 snack a day, except for lows, but sometimes i can
>wait and they rise themselves.
>   I don't know, just venting. I just wish my mom would relax and not
>dare have the nerve to call me fat and the high bgs would go away
>  Amy
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