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[IP] re: 504s again

Holly wrote:

I was wondering if anyone has brought their child to his/her 504 meeting.
Taylor will be 9 in October, and is going into the 3rd grade.  I have
always been straight forward with him and his health care needs, I was
wondering if it would be appropriate to bring him into the meeting...

Hi Holly and all--

I can't speak for the people at Taylor's school, but I'm a teacher who is
very active in what we call "family support teams" at our elementary
school.  I would definitely encourage Taylor's attendance and involvement
in the 504 meeting; the best outcomes I've seen (in dealing with all kinds
of student/family situations that affect education) happen when everyone
involved actively participates.  I hope your school community is as open as

When my Josh got his pump, he did get stopped by a high school teacher who
thought he was wearing an (outlawed) pager.  He unclipped the pump from his
waistband, held it out to the teacher, and (cheerfully) asked him not to
yank on it since it was attached.  The teacher got a quick introduction to
pump therapy, and Josh hasn't been hassled since.  I was proud of Josh for
defusing the situation with a little humor.  

(I didn't realize that so many kids were still facing the kinds of
attitudes and discrimination that have been described--if I run up across
that kind of treatment I will be one mad momma!)

Good luck!

Doreen in Wyoming          

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