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[IP] ulnar neuropathy

Recently I was diagnosed with ulnar neuropathy - a neuropathy of the
nerve that runs from the elbow to the hand.  Specifically, my right
ulnar nerve was "entrapped" and needed to be freed.

The clearest symptom of this condition was the atrophying of tissue in
the pocket between my right thumb and forefinger, resulting in
considerable loss of strength in the hand.  The condition was
highlighted during a recent neurological exam, and I was told to see a
neurosurgeon about it.  I did, and he said I should have an operation to
have the nerve moved, in order to avoid further loss of strength in the
hand.  So I had it, last week.

The curious thing is that other doctors had noticed the attrition
between thumb and finger in my hand, including my endo, but none had
ever suggested seeing a neurosurgeon about it.  If I had done so
earlier, said the surgeon, some of the strength loss could have been
avoided.  Now I'll have to live with it; the condition is irreversible. 
(Physical therapy may help get some strength back.)

Has anyone else here had this condition?  What were your experiences?

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