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Re: [IP] Optimism re diabetes


> ask me if "my eyes have gone bad YET."  How do you deal with staying positive
> about the future??

I am not quite sure how to answer that question but I've been doing it for 36
years, since I was three.  I still struggle with depression, but I can't honestly
say that that is due to the diabetes only.  I have fears, but I really try not to
even think about them, for worrying about the complications before they come will
be a waste of my energy and time.  I use to hide it now I am very open about
being diabetic.  Typically I don't give a damn about what other people say, but
yes it's still hard at times.  I've learned to walk away from ignorant people who
aren't willing to be educated and those that are I educate.  There really is no
one way to "stay positive".  For me it's just do the best I can and keep moving
forward and see what comes around the bend.  Just be you and give it your best
shot, which sounds like you're already doing it, have some fun, and don't beet
yourself up when the bad times hit.  I should listen to my own advice! :-|  I
have my moments where I really get angry, yes still, but I think we all do.  But
I allow myself to be and move on.  Humor is always a great remedy for me too.  I
tend to tell people, I won't die of diabetes, I am going to get hit by a Metro
bus...  Do what works for you.

> I have been reading the "Who should represent diabetes"
> messages, and it is becoming more and more real to me that I STILL face
> complications even if I maintain control.

True, but you may not either.  Don't think about ( ok try not to ) and just live
and do your best.  I have a few complications.  Some days I hate it, but most
days I figure this is the way it is and make the best of it, life is short and
precious.  You can do it!

> Also, how has everyone handled educating partners?

You are young ( eeh gads never thought I would say that! VBG ), but I believe
honesty is the best policy, but also be prepared, some people just can't handle
it.  Not because their bad, they just can't.  AFter a few boyfriends in my time.
I am married now and when I first met Steve, I told him everything about diabetes
that I knew and than he got some books and read up on it too.  He searches the
Internet, he knew how to give gluco shots right away.  He knows how to test my
blood.  and on and on.  I teach him.  When I wanted to go on the pump, 10 months
ago he was totally behind it, so now he knows how to program my pump if
necessary.  He is very supportive and helpful.  So, bottom line, Educate them
yourself.  Bring them to doctors appointments.  It's a very big part of their
lives too.

> Thanks in advance!!  Once again, all of you have really motivated me to keep
> working on improving the control of my diabetes!

I am soooo happy for you.  I was 19 when I finally turned my life around and
began taking care of myself.  Prior to that, I was in horrible control.  Good
Luck to you and keep us posted.  It sounds like you've got what it takes and I
love your enthusiasm, go get them girl!

Good Luck! You'll do great!


PS.  Feel free to email me privately, email @ redacted

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