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[IP] Thanks to IP

Greetings to all Ė

I come out of lurking, as I have been doing so for
about a month, to offer thanks for all that I have
learned from the group. I am definitely more prepared
to start pumping than I was when I signed on!

As some may recall, I have been very anxious to start
pumping, but my new Endo has been *testing* me for
most of the summer. I finally have an appointment with
her tomorrow. Last week when I spoke with my CDE she
informed me that she recommended to my Endo that I was
ready for the pump. Yay! So hopefully at my
appointment tomorrow things will start happening for

Listening to all of you and your experiences on the
pump have made me want this even more. I canít wait to
have the spontaneity I havenít known since I was a
kid, I canít wait for my MOOD swings to fade away (I
know my husband canít) lol, I look forward to the new
me!  Anyway Ė can you tell Iím excited!  I know it
wonít all come overnight, but I am happy that I can
get started. Iíve been waiting for this for a long

Thanks again to all and wish me luck!

Oh - and BTW - I'm going for that cool blue MM507C!


The most wasted day of all is that in which we have
not laughed.  
 - Sebastien-Roch Nicolas de Chamfort

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