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Re: [IP] pizza Michael

Kathie, I meant that for me, it takes 2 to 3 U per slice of pizza.  My
average CHO/ins ratio is 15.  But pizza slices really vary so much between
places and types (thick crust, hand tossed, etc).   You should just try it
at first with what you think is a low insulin estimate.  Then check 3 hours
later, and if you are high by so much, next time just give what you would
need to bring the BG down.  You might even want to give that extra bit an
hour after eating.  Or you could square wave it, but I've never bothered
with that--easier for me just to bolus later.

>I had explained that I had not eaten pizza since dx six years ago.  Loved
>your humor with this but did not understand what you meant by when you said
>not to forget to add a 2-3U bolus per slice depending on the size.  Do I
>figure out the carbs in the slice and then add the 2-3U or are you figuring
>the average slice to need a 2-3U bolus?  I am new at this as you can see.
>email @ redacted

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