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[IP] change in basals...after camp

Amy, Amy, Amy.....I've SEEN you! You are NOT fat!!!! Not even close. You are 
a perfect weight/height for a teenager and beautiful too.  Do what is right 
for you. Dont let your Mom get to you....You are not your twin sister and you 
have different needs.  Did I say you look perfect????  Look, I'm a Mom, I can 
tell these things! LOL

As for your basals and bgs? I give up...Just when it seems you have it worked 
out, it seems weird again. Go back to the basics. Break your day up into 
reasonable sections and re test your basals. That is what we do with Kevin 
when things go whacky for 2 days in a row. Things change quickly it seems. 
Look over Pumping Insulin book....

Kill me, I think you are perfect the way you look now!!!  (can I have your 
red hair???)

Mom of Kevin, 11, dx 12/98
pumping since 5/99

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