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[IP] re: lowered basal since camp

Robin wrote:

...  Kevin has needed less and less insulin since getting on the pump.
Strange but great....How can it be so good for weeks and weeks and then
WHAMOO it changes? Very strange...  

Hi Robin and all--

As a mom of a seventeen year old son (as well as an eighteen year old
daughter, I can offer some non-medical, experience-based insight.  If Kevin
is 11 and going through all of those physical changes now, he's going to be
going through even more "strange changes" soon.  In the next couple of
years, he's going to change from a wonderful young boy to a wonderful young
MAN!  Growth spurts, hormone changes--all of those do affect control.  With
the pump and monitoring (and obviously a great mom!), he has wonderful
advantages.  Hang in there!

Doreen in Wyoming    
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