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[IP] apologize

I guess i have made a bunch of people angry, my point about the color is,
it's fine, but i had over 150 messages yesterday and over one -half were about the color of the pump. I look at this to be a support group for me, cause i live in a small area, where there is no support group, i had to drive 300 miles to get my pump.I have become very depressed and felt like life is just not fair, then i started searching and found Insulin pumpers. I was so happy at first, I stayed up until 2 in the morning just reading about everybody with diabetes, and the moms of the ones that have it.It made me feel better. I was just thinking maybe it could be less about the color of the pump and more things to help each other, i have learned alot since i have been on the e-mail list since Friday, i have a great husband who is very supportive, and my church family always willing to listen, but nobody knows what you go through unless they have gone through it. Like i have severe headaches when my sugar  goes low and is coming up, like the neuropathy, you people know what it's like. We are here to help one another, and it's fine with the color, mine is white and my backup is clear, but i have had my pump almost 5 years, so there was no color when i got mine. Since i have been found disabled with severe neuropathy, and i lost one of my ins compnies. it has been hard on me getting supplies, and that's what i meant about those that are without. I did'nt mean to hurt no one and am very tenderhearted, and have already rec'd one ugly e-mail. So please forgive me and  please don't send ugly e-mails.
Again i am very sorry.