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[IP] 504's again

Since it is close to the time that school will be starting, and the subject
of 504's has been brought up, I was wondering if anyone has brought their
child to his/her 504 meeting.  Taylor will be 9 in October, and is going
into the 3rd grade.  I have always been straight forward with him and his
health care needs, I was wondering if it would be appropriate to bring him
into the meeting.  The other reason I am asking this is because two of the
key figures from school (and 504 committee) will not be their this year.
The principle retired, and the school counselor recently passed away.  I
figured this would be a good time for the new individuals to meet with
Taylor and for him to have input and understand what his rights are.  I am
just trying to figure out a general consensus.

(mom to Taylor 8, dx 3-9-99)

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