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Re: [IP] Does the color matter and what really does

As the Mom of a brand new pumper, I can honestly say that in my mind the 
color of the pump did not matter.  The most important thing about the pump 
was the control she would get over her bg's that would almost certainly 
effect the outcome of her health for the rest of her life. 

After that, the spontaneity that the pump would bring back to her life.  
Being dx'd just before her 9th birthday, Rachel was used to a life of "let's 
just do it". After dx, life was more like, "we want to do it now, but first 
we need to test, then we need to figure out when the insulin  will kick in, 
then should we give insulin now or wait about an hour or so for the other 
insulin to peak, wait...how many carbs are in that anyway"...get my point.

Also, peace of mind at night was another valid reason for the pump.  Rachel's 
night time numbers were crazy...we had too many lows/highs at night. It's 
hard for a parent to sleep at night wondering what was going to happen in the 
middle of the night.

Rachel is a very active child. She plays bball, lacrosse and soccer.  We are 
looking forward to pump use because it should help with all her sports. It is 
hard to plan long-acting insulin based on how much she will play in a game 
when you have absolutely no idea.  There were many times in the middle of a 
game, she would look at us from the court, or field, and we would know she 
was low or high. 

As with any 12 year old, sleepovers are a normal part of childhood.  There 
were too many times that we had to go and pick her up because her bg's were 
being erratic. With a pump, we don't expect this <smile>.

I could go on about many other reasons, but I have already taken up a lot of 
reading time for all of you. So I will end her with my last thought.

As for the color of the pump...as stated above, I don't think the color  is 
an important pump issue. I don't believe anyone with a pump does feel it is 
as important as any of the  real reasons they chose to pump. I don't think 
anyone in their right mind would choose to pump because "wow, look at the 
great colors".  But, with all the *bs* that has been given to "people with 
diabetes" (I am being politically correct...lol) I must commend all the 
color-lovers on their ability to take "the hand that has been dealt them" and 
making the best of their lives. 

Life should not be all humdrum and factual. We all need some joy in our 
lives, and to have a healthy attitude and to accept the fact that diabetes 
isn't the worst thing in the world is wonderful.  What you need to realize is 
that we really don't place that much emphasis on the color. We are just 
taking a bad situation and making it better.  

We all understand that we are extremely lucky for all the technology and 
availability we have here. We all feel sympathy for those in this world who 
don't have the "luxuries" that we have been given. And I am sure if we could, 
we would change the world tomorrow for all people with any disability.  But 
remember, it is your choice to decide...is the glass half-empty or is the 
glass half-full...

Smiles and rainbows to all... and BTW, my daughter chose the Disetronic 
pump...main pump is blue and second pump is clear.

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