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[IP] They say it comes in 3's

Good Morning,
I guess 2 diseases are not enough so why not a third. I just got dxd
with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have been having severe problems with
almost every joint in my body the past few months, and after they ruled
out any DM cause the sent me to the Rheumatoid doc, who did a bunch of
test and said yep this is Rheumatoid. Anyway I am at a impasse with the
doctor because I will not take NSADS or prednizone (spelling?). I have
taken prednizone before for CF and it does nasty things to me and messes
up my BG control and NSADS are out of the question because of all the GI
damage I have. So does anyone on the list have Rheumatoid and take a
alternate type of meds form there doctor?. The pain is pretty bad and is
on it's way to worse and worse but the above drugs to me are at least at
this point are worse. It is always my decision with the doctors and
right now they are all having a fun feast comparing the importance of
each of there specialties and who should reign as supreme decision maker
because there disease is more important. My GP and I are just waiting
for the smoke to clear then he looks at me and says what do you want to
do.. I don't know is not an option :0). Any help or ideas are welcome.
Take Care

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