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[IP] RE(IP) lowered basals since camp

<<How can it be so good for weeks and weeks and then WHAMOO it changes? Very 
strange. So I lowered it by .1 for tomorrow and we will see. Am I rambling??? 
Also, since going on the pump, he has grown 2.5 inches, and lost 4 lbs. He 
looked pretty chunky pre-pump and now his pants are falling off! way cool.>>

Now that the long-acting is out of his system, you can see what he really 
needs. And since he has grown, maybe the insulin resistance from growth 
hormone surges has decreased. This will likely return, since he is not full 
grown as yet, and wee all have growth hormone at varying amounts all the 
time, even when full grown. Since he doesn't have to "feed the insulin", he 
is probably getting the right amount of calories for his weight. Isn't it 
great to have something "normal" in his life? I just love it when kids  (and 
all the adults) can begin to experience their own bodies the way they should 
normally function. Such discovery of how one can get it tune with themselves! 
Most of us don't have to think about juggling insulin, exercise and unkown 
hormone levels. A 12 year old girl I put on the pump had an almost immediate 
growth spurt, and sson after began having monthy cycles........  so much 
better than not developing full potential. Pat yourself on the back for 
pushing for a pump for Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara B.
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