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[IP] Optimism re diabetes

Hi, first off, I want to say that I am SOOOO thrilled to read everyone's 
messages regarding diabetes and the pump...I am DEFINITELY going to get on 
the pump when I go to my endo August 11!  Okay, here's what I really want to 
talk about....

I have had IDD for 10 years (I'm 19 yrs. old), no complications, in good 
control (can't wait to get in *excellent* control with the pump), but I still 
battle with getting depressed about diabetes.  I've never had a doom/gloom 
attitude about my disease, but I guess it is in the last year that I've heard 
more and more negativity regarding the disease.  I actually had one person 
ask me if "my eyes have gone bad YET."  How do you deal with staying positive 
about the future??  I have been reading the "Who should represent diabetes" 
messages, and it is becoming more and more real to me that I STILL face 
complications even if I maintain control.  AHH, how frustrating!  I totally 
think the mind is extremely powerful, though, so I don't want to fill myself 
up with negative vibes!  Any suggestions?  

Also, how has everyone handled educating partners? I really want my boyfriend 
to be extremely knowledgable about the disease, especially since we'll be 
living together soon.  What has been your experiences with partners??  

Thanks in advance!!  Once again, all of you have really motivated me to keep 
working on improving the control of my diabetes!  Sincerely, Jasmine
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