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Re: [IP] somewhat personal questions... (re: sex, please don't read if youmight be offended...)

I know exactly what you mean about having a bf who is squeamish about
needles.  Mine just turned is head whenever I did a shot.  He is very
supportive and conerned with my diabetes, and incredibly understanding.  We
have a very active sex life as well, but the pump has never created a
problem.  A first I considered leaving it connected and just letting it sit
beside me, but that makes it difficult to switch positions, and there is
always the fear that the site will get ripped out.  It only takes a couple
seconds to disconnect (I use minimed sof sert infusion sets with the quick
release feature, so the whole site doesn't come out- one quick twist and
it's gone).  I usually disconnect it while getting undressed and stuff the
tubing into my pants pocket.  It takes no more time than it would for anyone
to take off a watch or pair of shoes.  And it sounds to me like your bf
would be understanding about it.  At first it will seem weird, but you will
get used to it and soon not even give it a second thought.  Good luck, and
if you have any other questions feel free to email me privately if you want.

email @ redacted
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From: Jessica Marder <email @ redacted>
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Date: Thursday, July 29, 1999 4:25 PM
Subject: [IP] somewhat personal questions... (re: sex, please don't read if
youmight be offended...)

>so, as i said before, i'm no longer receiving the kind of tight control i
>was once able to get on an MDI regimen with only two daily injections...
>(why it worked as long as it did, is somewhat beyond us all (me, my
>parents, and various endos over the years...)) and given that the
>tightness of control can be much highter for (in my opinon) about the same
>amount of annoyance whether if i go on the pump (as apposed to taking 3+
>injections daily)  i'm seriously considering getting the pump.....
>this is sort of embarassing to ask, but it's extremely important to me, so
>here goes:  i have a very active sex life, with my boyfriend... he's
>nothing but supportive re: diabetes (he even got over his fear of needles
>b/c i have to live with daily injections he wanted to be sure that he
>could live with them too... gosh, and we wonder why i love him so much...)
>however, how much of an annoyance do people find the pump to be, when
>having sex?  even if it's disconnected does the infusion set ever create a
>problem?  one of the things that i love about sex is that there is no
>difference between me an any "normal" person in bed.... (yeah yea, except
>when my bg goes low, and i start shaking... but you know what i mean...)
>giving that feeling of normalcy up would make me very very sad....
>feel free to respond to be personally if you don't want to share with
>everyone on the list.... (heck, i know i'm a little embarassed to be
>sharing these kinds of details with people i hardly know....)
>thanks so much.....
>Jessica Elena Marder
>email @ redacted
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