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[IP] Americans w/Disabilities Act Title III

Having gone through discrimination against my son because of his diabetes, I 
am going to work diligently to educate as many as possible that "no public 
facility may reject access to any individual due to a disability."  The 
Americans With Disability Act, (ADA) Title III declares that all public 
facilities must accept and accommodate to an individual regardless of a 
disability.  Diabetes is, according to the ADA, a disability.  Specific to my 
interests, this means that a camp must accept a child with diabetes and 
accommodate to the child's needs including but not limited to testing the 
blood of the child as often as the parent wants and keep records.  If the 
camp can provide the service without creating disruptions in their program 
the camp also must administer insulin.  If a camp has nurses on staff than 
the camp cannot say that they will not give insulin.  It is important to know 
that this is true of ALL public facilities whether they are publicly funded 
or not.
DISABILITIES ACT can be found at http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/ada/childq%26a.htm 
and is very informative about what a child care center must do for and cannot 
do against a child with a disability.
The ADA Title III can be found at http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/ada/taman3.html
Although we are all trying to maintain our and/or our children's' health it 
important to understand that no matter how well we do if people and 
facilities are not informed that discrimination is against the law we or our 
children may be exposed to discrimination.  These laws suits are long and 
expensive but press and word of mouth is inexpensive yet very persuasive.
I look forward to establishing a forum to assure that the discrimination my 
son faced by Camp Kiwi in Mahopac, NY will not happen to any other child.
Please use this information to your and your children's advantage.
If you can help get this word out please let me know. email @ redacted
Good Health and Happiness, Jeff Poritzky
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