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Re: [IP] 48 basal rates

At 11:43 AM 08/03/1999  Jack Granowski wrote:
>I think most people are missing the reason for having all these possible
>basal rates.  If the day is broken up into 48 half increments, any
>changes can be made on the half hour, rather than the hour.  I can see
>where a rate would want to be moved up, or down, at different times,
>6:30 instead of 7:00 or 6:00.  Although I use only 3 basic rates, I have
>found that it works better if I move up or down in increments rather
>than suddenly.  While my rate must be .8 for my dawn phenomenon it must
>drop to .2 for the afternoon.  I would have a hard time figuring when to
>drop that much and would rather drop gradually.  My rates are .6, .7,
>.8, .6, .4, .2, .4, .6, with multiple hours for .8, .2, .6.  With more
>rates available than the 24 hours, I would probably fine tune even more

My "older" MM 507 lets me program basals in 30 minute intervals with 
changes of as little as 0.1 unit. However, I'm positive that it has a whole 
lot less than 48 total basals... from what I recall, it's more like 20-24 
(??). So the intervals between changes and the total possible basal rates 
don't necessarily have a direct relationship.

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