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[IP] lowered basal since camp

Hi all.

Kevin has needed less and less insulin since getting on the pump. Strange but 
great. He started with basals of .6 and .5 and now he is at .4 most of the 
time with some .5 in between.  Since camp last week, we have had to lower his 
8pm-3am. We noticed that he went to bed around 120 and I would check before 
going to bed and (12 midnight) and he was 65-70! So we basal tested tonight 
and man! He dropped 40 points in 1 hour at one time. 

How can it be so good for weeks and weeks and then WHAMOO it changes? Very 
strange. So I lowered it by .1 for tomorrow and we will see. Am I rambling???

Also, since going on the pump, he has grown 2.5 inches, and lost 4 lbs. He 
looked pretty chunky pre-pump and now his pants are falling off! way cool. We 
love this pump. It amazes me every day with his perfect bgs. We are looking 
at under 7 HgA1c in Sept! That would beat straight A's on a report card! LOL

That is all. Goodnight

Mom of Kevin, 11, dx 12/98
pumping since 5/99
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