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[IP] School Nurses....

though i never had the kinds of issues about testing in school that people
are talking about here, i did have some interesting experiences with my
school nurses in high school....  because i often get headaches and
stomach cramps in conjunction with highs and lows (does anyone else get
this?) i didn't always want to be in class when i had to deal with them...
(though all of my teachers were great about letting me test and eat in
class when i needed to...)  my first three years of high school i had a
really awful school nurse... (an old lady who yelled at you every time you
came in the nurse's office...  <in a quiet voice> "mrs. sullivan, i just
got my period, i need a tampon..."  "a what?!!  you need a what?!!!"
<this was in front of all the people waiting for gym excuses>)  anyway,
she retired at the end of my junior year, and my senior year, we got a
really good nurse, who was extremely understanding and helpful...  she
helped me put extra supplies in her office where i could always get to
them, even if she were out for the day, or something...  she was always
looking out for me (such that she began to notice some symptoms of my
hypos, which have to do with how i look, and respond to things around me,
sometimes she would see me in the hall, looking "off" as she called it,
and she'd ask me if i wanted to come test....)  she was great support to
me, and several other students with chronic illnesses, all of whom had at
times risked our health slightly, because we didn't want to deal with mrs.
sullivan's idiocy...  so, here's to mrs. burke!  thanks a million!


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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