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Re: [IP] Pumper Support Group

Jill, Contact the Center for Diabetes in Concord...925-674-2077

They work closly with John Muir in WC and Mt. Diablo Hospital. We have a 
support group that meets on 4th Tuesday of every month at the Center for 
Diabetes, but I do know that there is also one that meets at John Muir. Give 
them a call they will be more then happy to provide you with the information 
you need.

Ways to contact me via the net:

ICQ# 19508671
AIM = NascarTwo4
MSN = Todd_Pearson
Pager Msg = email @ redacted

>Has anyone in Northern California gone to the support group and John Muir
>I would like to get some information on how it works, and where and when
>they meet.

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