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[IP] Thanks for school advice

I want to thank all the pumpers who have taken time to respond to the school 
issues in the past couple of cdays.  Although this type of thing isn't the 
focus of this list, I can't tell you how much it has helped just calm me down 
to know that there is support "at my finger tips" (so to speak).  I've got my 
answers all ready for the high school nurse -- who really feels that Andrea 
should come to the clinic to do her lunch bolus!  Lots and lots of educating 
to do here.  I feel now when we broach the issue of bg tests, I will be ready 
with knowledgeable answers.  Parents get really worn down explaining again 
and again and again, I think we sometimes falter in our fight.  Thanks for 
the boost!!!

Liz B
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