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Re: [IP] re: 504s

> Deborah--
>  I want a 504 next school year too, so far my school is giving me
>  crap
> that I make straight A's so diabetes doesn't affect my school work
> at all, but I'm going for it, my school nurse says to if that's what
> my parents and I want..it is, I wasn't allowed to eat during PSATS
> and my bg was 34, and that test may not affect grades,
Not only must they allow you to eat if you wish, but they must allow 
you extra time if you take time out to test, eat, or anything else. 
Please review my two posts from earlier today. This is MANDATORY for 
the school, they must set up a plan which suits YOU if you request 
it. They can not dictate the plan, they can only agree to it. Contact 
the State Board of education if necessary and get the advocate to 
assist you.

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