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[IP] Thanks for Saving Me $$ & The Insulin Pump Therapy Book

Hi Folks,
Awhile back, when I was going quickly thru the digests (a gazillion), I
saw a posting where someone was mentioning that they didn't take insulin
with them when they went out because they could always get it out of
their pump syringe/tubing if necessary.  Thank you for that.  I have
thrown away so many syringes of Humalog over the past few months that I
kept in her blood kit and at the end of a 6 wks or so, although not
used, I didn't want to take the chance on using them.  That is tossing a
lot of $$ away.  Insurance pays 90%, but it was such a waste.

So thanks for the idea of just using the existing insulin if needed.  I
always carried a syringe in her blood kit anyway...just in case.  Now I
will not be wasting that insulin. If I have a pump problem and need a
boost, the syringe is the place to look.  Such a great idea, but one I
wouldn't have thought of in the heat of the moment.

Erica is almost through day 3 of camp, I am feeling a little better
about her being there, thanks to some nice personal e'mails I got giving
me a boost :)   Four more days to go.  The drive will be the
looooooooongest drive of my life on Saturday morning.

One more thing, promise this is it LOL.   I got a freebie book from
Minimed entitled
The Insulin Pump Therapy Book (Insights From The Experts).  I haven't
gotten a chance to read it, it just arrived today, just wondered if
anyone had read it and if they found it insightful.

Ta ta for now!
Barb....Erica's mom

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