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[IP] A second Doreen

Hi, all--

I seem to have created some confusion because there is already a Doreen on
the IP list.  Doesn't happen all that often when you are named Doreen, either!

I'm the "newer" Doreen--43 years old, diagnosed when I was 10 (or was I
11?), just started pumping this summer.  I am married to a non-diabetic,
and we have two children.  Our older child, Erin, is not diabetic.  She's
18 and will begin college at the University of Wyoming at the end of
August.  (Big sigh)  Our younger child, Josh, was diagnosed when he was 2
and has been pumping for about a year.  He inspired me to try the pump for
myself, and I love it!  We live in Casper, Wyoming--I'll sign my notes
"Doreen in Wyoming" to try to dispell the afore-mentioned confusion!

I'm just getting a feel for the way this list works, enjoying hearing all
of your experiences, questions, and answers.  I got a big kick out of the
climbing description--one of my most significant life events was a
wilderness canoe trip in the boundary waters between the United States and
Canada when I was sixteen.  How my parents ever had the courage to let me
take that trip I will never know (especially now that I have kids of my
own!), but the experience gave me the courage and confidence to believe I
could do anything with the rest of my life.  (Thanks again, mom and dad!)  

Doreen in Wyoming     
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