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Re: [IP] 504 Plan confusion

deborah wrote:
> I talked to the administration at my daughter's school and was told that a
> 504 Plan was only for children who have conditions or disabilities that
> severely affect their learning. Diabetes was not one of these conditions.
> I'm confused about what the 504 plan is. Does anyone have information on
> this.

Put simply, he's full of it! I've seen many messages over the years from
various parents of diabetics who have established 504 plans with their schools.
This person is trying to duck the issue. 

Ask him how effective your childs learning will be if he's only semi-conscious
at various times in class because he can't test and correct as needed, and 
REQUIRED to be permitted by various Federal laws and regulations. As far as that
goes, your child may me flat on the floor or wandering aimlessly when sent to
nurses office for treatment. 

Best advice for this "official": PUSH!!!!!!!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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