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Re: [IP] 504 Plan confusion

> I talked to the administration at my daughter's school and was told
> that a 504 Plan was only for children who have conditions or
> disabilities that severely affect their learning. Diabetes was not
> one of these conditions. I'm confused about what the 504 plan is.
> Does anyone have information on this.
Complete "BS"

Call your state board of education immediately and get the name and 
phone number for the "special needs advocate"

Here is a synopsis of the law (from the ADA website)

                 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1991

                      The Education for All Handicapped Children Act
                      of 1975, amended in 1991 and renamed the
                      Individuals With Disability Education Act
                      (IDEA), guarantees a "free, appropriate public
                      education," including special education and
                      related service programming for all children
                      with disabilities. Children with diabetes are
                      specifically protected under this legislation
                      since diabetes is listed among the chronic
                      health conditions covered in the category of
                      "other health impairment." 


                 Rehabilitation Act of 1973 

                      Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
                      provides individuals with disabilities basic
                      civil rights protection against discrimination
                      in any program or activity receiving federal
                      financial assistance, including public schools.
                      Many parents develop an accommodation plan with
                      school officials as suggested in Section 504 to
                      protect the rights of their child while at

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