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Re: [IP] 48 basal rates

Dear Pumpers & Friends,
    LOL, Please remember that Every person is not normal, YMMV. I for one
use 12 rates, last month it was 14, in three month it maybe 5. I use what
every works for me, Rodney, I have had Doctors tell me I don't need all
those rates. So one time I was in hospital I let Doctors changes back to
three rates they **knew** that were best for me , Bull I was so sick out of
control, once Dr.Gallager got back in town and saw my BS he had a fit, told
me not to listen to the Da** fools to do what is best for me and works.
Remember if you are trained right you will know what is best for you, you
will understand your body, your needs, and your control. I wish my pump was
open end where I could start rate at anytime and have as many rates as I
need. For I need to be the one in control, to live my life for me, to do the
things I need to do to be happy, to know what I can be the best of health
for me. So remember to..........................

                                    SMILE AND BE HAPPY AND YMMV...

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