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>From: "Stephanie" <email @ redacted><

Dear Stephanie,
        My daughter was diagnosed 3 and 1/2 years ago, at age 7.  She has
been on the pump 2 weeks and 5 days!  She is SO  happy!  We are too!  She
now has the freedom of doing things at any time, instead of:  waiting for
her snacks, getting up early everyday, eating meals at the same time,  etc.

        She too was concerned about the pump in her stomach.  We practiced
by giving her injections there sometimes.  She then was concerned about
sleeping with it.  This didn't pose a problem at all.  Either she clips it
to her nightshirt neckline, or wears bike shorts and clips it there.  She
sleeps on her stomach, and it doesn't even bother her.
        Most of all she likes the freedom of being like all the other kids.
 To her, it is a treat.  She doesn't  remember how life impulsive life was
before her diagnosis.
        It really would be something I would try if I had diabetes.  If
fact the first night she wore the pump, I injected my self with the tubing
and wore it all night to see how it felt.  It didn't bother me at all!
I hope this helps!  Any more questions, feel free to e-mail me!  Good luck!
Ann Greenfield
email @ redacted
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