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RE: [IP] correlation between HbA1C and average BG

> Having a difference between your ave and the predicted average is
> quite likely.  As the HBA1C should suggest a real average and your
> testing average is from discrete points.  If you happen to test on
> mostly high points in the real curve then you will get a higher ave
> than reality from you sporadic tests.
> The more you test the closer you will be to the real ave.  If you
> only test once you could be way off but you would still have a test
> ave.
The hbA1c does not really give an average. the function is non-linear 
and is weighted toward the higher values. Glucose molecules get stuck 
the the red blood cells and don't easily become unstuck. the result 
being that the average from a bg of 150 and 50 won't produce the same 
results with real glucose because the result will come out higher 
than a simple math average would predict.
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