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Re: [IP] 48 basal rates

>I hope that MiniMed R&D people are reading this digest.

	Avner, now that really made me laugh, kind of the joke of the day.
With all the great ideas people on this list have, I don't think there's
ever been any positive response from Minimed or Disetronic, any new
product, any new design, or any change.   We're still thinking of creative
uses for all the extra tubing, since they won't go to the trouble of
selling tubing separate from catheters.  And that is really a simple
change.  They both have captive audiences (i.e., monopolies), and pretty
much do whatever they need to do to make profits.  If you've bought one
pump (or your insurance co did), then you're in bed with them for 4 years.

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