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[IP] High bgs - changing infusions sets

Dear IP:
    I have just been reading about site changes,  unexplainable high bgs,
etc., and I thought I should relay my experience.  Over the past month, my
blood sugars, which had been great for the last 6 months, got consistently
high - they would ride around in the 200 area, not come down much, and I had
to up all of my basals and boluses by a unit or two - my insulin intake over
one day  went up about ten units more than what I'd been taking before.  I
tried everything - I thought my pump 2was misdelivering - so I got a
replacement.  I was changing sites like crazy.  I thought U had an infection
in my gum, which was treated, but the sugars stayed high.  None of it made
sense.  I starte getting  high readings again overnight, which was really
depressing, because that is why I started on the pump - to get rid of the
dawn effect.  Anyway, my nurse finally had me switch infusion sets.  She
thought it sounded like an absorption problem.  Because the sof-sets I use
go in perpendicularly, they go straight up against the muscle wall, and that
can tend to pool the insulin, or trap it there, and it has a harder time
dispersing.  She had me switch to silhouettes, which go in at an angle, and
can disperse better into fatty tissue, as they lie parallel (more or less)
to the muscle.  I switched thinking this could not be the problem, but my
sugars went down immediately, and I went back to all of my prior basal
settings.  What a relief.  She said this can happen to a lot of people - she
has seen it before.  Just thought some of you might like to know.
PS.  I have to change my sites more than every six days - I learned from my
nurse that the body can start to treat the canula like an infection or
intruder - and begin sending antibodies to "kill" it - and thus bgs rise -
this always happens to me - I change every three to four days.  I am not as
concerned with changing the tubing and reservoir this often, just the site
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