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Re: [IP] What Color is Your Pump?

Well, I was not going to reply to this thread, but since it seems to be an 
on going thing, espcially with you Blue's lovers, I finally decided to put 
in my choice. I choose the charcol one, as it matches all the other 
utilities on my belt (pager, cell phone, and palmpilot).

Most people say I look like a cop, but then again I spent 3 years in law 
enforcement, until I decided to find a more secure, less hostile job in 
computers. What a career change that was!

kay, so now you all know my choice and why. So let's tally this up.

Blue = Way to many
Black = Not enough yet
White = None

>Susan asked us so-called "adults..."
> > Do very many of you choose the BLUE pumps for yourself --
> > or do you mainly leave them for the kids.  I kind of like
> > the blue, myself (but I am 47 years old, too).
>phooey on bluey!!!  i wear black almost all the time, so black was my 
>without question!!!  LOL =
>However, whether it was purple, yellow or silver wiht pink pola dots, I 
>trade in my screen jumping, lint-filled, faint beeping MNMD 507 for
>injections when you peel this little sucker from my cold dead hands!
>Seriously though, get the blue one and a black leather case...then when the
>moment to be wild seizes you, you can take it out of the case and be 
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