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Re: [IP] Lethal Lancets

> Michael,
> They are required by law to let you test as required where required.
> Are all states required to allow this?  And if so,  were might I
> find this law so I can use this as ammo, in case I need it, in just
> a few weeks when school starts?

This all ties back in to the 504 plan. Any school that receives 
federal funds (all public schools) are required to provide a student 
with a medical problem a 504 plan which spells out what is necessary 
for them to maintain their health. It MUST be acceptable to you or 
you don't have to sign off on it. They in turn are required to 
accomodate the needs of the pupil, whatever they may need or they are 
liable for suit in federal court and loss of federal funding. School 
districts do not take this sort of thing lightly once they figure out 
the implications.

Call your state board of education, they can give you the name of your
region's special needs advocate. They'll attend any meeting with you
and are there for the benefit of you and your child. It should be 
free and is better than threatening a lawsuit. The understand bigtime 
when one of the state board people show up.

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